Thursday, May 17, 2007

ESPN continues smooching up the Yankees

It is at this time each year that ESPN's penchant for favoritism reaches almost unbearable levels. Because as the weather gets warmer and the baseball season kicks into high gear, ESPN pumps up the volume in its worshipping of the New York Yankees.

I'm not being naïve here. I understand the Yankees rank right up there with the Dallas Cowboys and Notre Dame football in terms of interest. But enough is enough. That gurgling sound you hear is my choking on Yankee pin stripes.

The latest hoopla surrounding the signing of Roger Clemens was unbearable. For several days, listeners could turn on ESPN radio at any time and hear any number of "experts" waxing romantic about the Yankees' chances now that the Rocket was back to pitch for them.

However, the experts won't tell it like it is. Any team can be competitive if they have a $700 million payroll like New York (of course, I'm exaggerating for effect. The Yankees only have a $600 million payroll this year).

Of course, the real hoot is that the Bombers are not really competitive. Right now, they are just another .500 team that is going nowhere. But the geniuses at ESPN don't care. The self-proclaimed 'worldwide leader in sports' is content to pander to the large New York media market. ESPN is nothing more than a tabloid newspaper. It’s the 'New York Post' with lots of flashing lights.

Clemens is expected to make his Yankees' debut in a few weeks, and there is a chance his first start could be against the Boston Red Sox. Even casual baseball fans know the Sox are the Yanks biggest rival. If this happens, sports coverage as we know it will come to a stop. ESPN will cram it so far down our throats that it may come out another portion of our bodies.

I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest.


Anonymous said...

Yankees = 26 world championships

Chris said...

Yankees = no world championships since 2000.

Anonymous said...

Yankees = buy titles with big bucks.