Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ode to spring

It only got warm a few weeks ago, but spring is already on its last legs. Kudzu, heat, humidity, and all their other summer cohorts are beginning their relentless assault on us. I guess I am part dog because when it turns hot I prefer to lay in the shade and not move. Just give me plenty of water and rub my belly occasionally, and I will be happy.

I don't like summer. I will only mention that about 1,000 times in the next three months, but let me go ahead and get it off my chest. I just don't like it. Bah! The only good thing I can say about it is that it is the gateway to the best season -- autumn.

However, spring is special in many ways. I like the cool weather of late March. The days are often gray and breezy, but they slowly give way to more moderate temperatures.

April is one of the most underrated months of the year. It is the last month until late in the year where a person can comfortably wear a sweatshirt with shorts. It's a beautiful month as well because nature begins blooming in earnest.

May is a tricky month. We still have some cool snaps, but we are starting to make the turn toward summer. Today, it might as well be summer because it is hot. It is 'spring' in name only. It's an imposter just going through the motions until the season officially changes.

So, farewell spring. I know you have a few weeks left on the calendar, but you are already gone. You have gone and left us with summer.

Thanks for nothing.

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josh said...

I'm going to side with you on this and join you in hating summer. Too bad we live in the South with the whole heat/humidity thing.