Monday, June 25, 2007

What would happen if.....?

What would happen if a person decided to just blow everything up and start over? Just sell everything....everything of value and then pack a couple of suitcases and leave. Start the car and say, 'I'm gonna drive for 12 hours' and then stop at that point and stay there until something inside him tells him its time to leave.

And then, when its time to leave, repeat the process. Drive for another 12 hours and stop and stay there until it is time to leave again. The only restriction would be that he could not stay in really big cities. There is a lot of pride in big cities. Too much pride brings out the worst this world has to offer.

Go west where there is a lot of wide open space. There are a lot of things to see that haven't been seen out there.

If things were to be blown up, they would have to be blown up all the way. This isn't something that could be done half way. If it was done half way, it would be too easy to cop out and seek comfort in the half that wasn't blown up. Then a person would be stuck with half of what they had before while gaining nothing.

This would be odd because the whole point of blowing things up would be to change everything. But, of course, we all seek comfort zones where we can experience security. Things we are familiar with make us feel secure even if those are the very things that are making us crave change. So, does that mean we would rather be secure than happy?

Security....Fear reigns over most of us. The funniest thing about fear is that it is often worse than going through the actual thing a person is afraid of. People fear change a lot, I know that.

Fear not the obstacles in your path.



Joltin' Django said...

Go away and say to hell with it all. What a dream.

"Tell 'em all to go to hell, that would do me very well ..."

Who sang that?!

josh said...

"Who sang that?!"

I'm thinking that's from "A Girl Like You" by The Smithereens.