Wednesday, July 4, 2007

ESPN's New York Yankees fixation about to hit a new low

I turn on ESPN radio first thing in the morning, and they are talking about what's wrong with the Yankees. I turn on SportsCenter when I get home in the evening, and they are talking about what's wrong with the Yankees. I turn on Baseball Tonight to see the day's highlights, and they are talking about what's wrong with the Yankees.

For a network that proclaims itself the 'worldwide leader in sports,' ESPN sure is content to cram the same ol' thing down our throats day after day. Of course, in baseball season, that same ol' thing is the Yankees.

Well, they have taken it a step further. Starting on July 9, ESPN will begin an eight-week mini-series that commemorates the 1977 New York Yankees' season in which they won the World Series. I guess if the current Yankees can't win, ESPN figures they will glorify them in another way.

I've warbled about ESPN's Yankees fixation before (see May 17 entry), and I'm sure I will again. With this mini-series, it re-affirms their determination to cram the Yankees down our throats in every conceivable way.

What will be next? The programming possibilities are endless: Breakfast with Joe Torre? Fly fishing with Mariano Rivera? How to serve up the perfect home run pitch with Kyle Farnsworth?

All I know is some day soon I expect to come home, turn on ESPN and see Linda Cohn making out with shortstop Derek Jeter.

And it won't surprise me a bit.


josh said...

The Yankees Win! Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yankees Win!

Joltin' Django said...

I'm looking forward to ESPN's Yankees docudrama. I was too young to remember the Yankees' besting the Dodgers in '77; so I'm really looking forward to seeing their 10 games to 1 victory! What a team they were!!!