Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A study in human depravity

The depths of depravity the human heart can reach still surprises me at times, but all that really proves is that I remain pretty naive after all these years. The bottom line is evil exists no matter how much some folks try to deny its existence.

My prayer is for God to intervene in the matter that is described below and see that all the guilty be brought to justice. We all know His perfect justice will occur in the next life. However, these folks need to be made an example of in this life. It's that simple. It doesn't get any worse than this.

Police: Boy forced to have sex with mom

West Palm Beach, Fla. -- Two teenagers were accused of gang raping a woman and forcing her 12-year-old son to join in the attack, then beating him and pouring cleaning solution into his eyes.

Authorities allege Avion Lawson, 14, and Nathan Walker, 16, were among a group of about 10 masked suspects who forced their way into the woman's apartment in a crime-ridden housing project the night of June 18.

The two were being held without bail Friday on suspicion of armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, sexual performance by a child, armed home invasion and aggravated battery. Both were arrested this week, but formal charges had not been filed. Authorities said the two would be charged as adults.

"Any rape case is horrible but this takes it to another level, something you can't think of even in your worst dreams," police spokesman Ted White said.

According to the police report, a man knocked on the woman's door at about 9 p.m. and told her he had a flat tire. The mother and son, whom police have not identified, went outside and were ambushed by a group of gun-wielding suspects.

The victims told police they were forced back into their home and beaten and sexually assaulted. According to authorities, the men raped, sodomized and beat the woman, then forced her son to participate in the assault at gunpoint, making him have sex with his mother in front of them.

The boy was then beaten and had numerous household cleaning liquids poured into his eyes, according to the police report.

The suspects also stole a few hundred dollars worth of cash and jewelry, White said.


Joltin' Django said...

I just finished reading a book written by a Navy Cross-winning Marine who fought in the October '04 Battle of Fallujah. Said captain took a couple of 7.62 AK rounds to his left leg; and his wound is graphically documented in the picture portion, if you will, of his book.

As bad as the Fulluhah pic is, it didn't make me cringe near as much as the "Boy forced to have sex with mom" story did. Not only is that a sick story, it says a lot about the condition of society circa 2007 that something like that would/can/did happen.

I weep for the future ...

Anonymous said...

My guess is that drugs are involved in this situation somewhere. Not involving the victims obviously, but the thugs who did the crime. Drugs make you do crazy things.