Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ESPN's 25-hour pregame show another example of overkill

ESPN's decision to air a 25-hour pregame show in advance of Thursday's LSU-Mississippi State football game can only be described as overkill. What is the point of this? I enjoy college football probably more than the average person, but the prospect of spending 25 hours with all of ESPN's college football talking heads makes my head woozy just thinking about it.

The marathon begins on Wednesday at 6 p.m. CT and will continue until game time the following evening at 7 p.m. CT. Given ESPN's penchant for favoritism, this program has a chance to be a real train wreck. Even though it is leading up to a Southeastern Conference game, I find it hard to believe that they will not spend a substantial amount of time flogging their pet teams and conferences.

Just imagine how many times they will mention Ohio State and Michigan or imply that the Big 10 conference has the football credentials of a conference the caliber of the SEC. ESPN definitely has a raging love for the Big 10.

Or, how many times will Lou Holtz sing the praises of South Carolina and Notre Dame, both of which are places he coached at? Or, how about Lee Corso talking up his beloved Florida State. Or, how about Kirk Herbstreit singing about his alma mater Ohio State.

I know this is only sports, but I don't think it is asking too much for the most prominent sports network to at least keep up the pretense of objectivity when it comes to their reporting and commentary. However, that does not happen. Commentators openly campaign for programs that they have connections to.

I may watch a little bit of this program, but I can't imagine spending much time with it. College football is special, but some folks want to exploit it until it is worn into a fine powder. It's too much, too soon in the year.


Joltin' Django said...

"ESPN's decision to air a 25-hour pregame show in advance of Thursday's LSU-Mississippi State football game can only be described as overkill."

If LSU was facing-off against, oh, Notre Dame, or Texas, or USC - or the Pittsburgh Steelers - it might, MIGHT, warrant a 25-hour pregame lead-in.

Overkill, indeed.

Anonymous said...

You can never have too much college football. Never.

Sjones said...

The increasing level of pre-game hype makes it more and more difficult for the game to live up to elevated expectations. Off with the talking heads - just play the game.
It would be more enjoyable to watch 25 hours of Hillary Clinton speech reruns than to listen to those ESPN weasels talk 'around' the SEC.

JaMarco said...

what you talk’in about joltin' and sjones? If the rest of the country would stop fielding high school teams maybe they could talk about those school. I know I can't wait to see that notree dame/Georgia tech game.