Thursday, August 16, 2007

Prediction: LSU to beat Florida in SEC championship game

Okay, so I'm not exactly going out on a limb by saying LSU will beat Florida to win the SEC championship game. Then again, most college football forecasters aren't either because the Tigers seem to be the most popular pick this year. True, some folks are picking Florida to repeat, but most feel the power is in Baton Rouge.

However, given the parity in the conference, it wouldn't surprise me if neither LSU nor Florida made it to the title game. As I stated in other blog entries earlier this week, I believe four teams could win the eastern division. Even though LSU is the clear frontrunner in the west, who is to say another team won't get hot and steal it from them?

I really believe this will be a banner year for the conference. The talent level appears as high as ever. The conference will never get as much recognition as it deserves as long as ESPN continues to prostitute itself to the Big 10, but it really doesn't matter. I think most folks 'in the know' understand that the SEC is the country's best.

The bottom line is this should be a great year for college football lovers. Even without a playoff system, I believe it is the best sport. Maybe the lack of a playoff is what makes it so compelling. Every week, the games mean something. Games in October have a 'win or your season is over' feel to them.

Most sports don't offer that type of drama.


Joltin' Django said...

Just walked back from the mailbox with the new Sports Illustrated. SI has LSU ranked ahead of Florida, and I agree.

That said, in order for Florida to meet the expectations everyone is setting for them, ol' Tim T-bow is going to have to have a stellar season. That young man is going to have the weight of Gator Nation on his shoulders, and until now he's been used primarily as a gimmick QB. He could very well flop, big time, and he wouldn't be the first next-big-thing QB to do so.

Gen. Neyland said...

Tennessee was a couple of plays away from beating LSU last year. But close doesnt count.