Monday, October 8, 2007

Nashville Predators off to a blistering start

The National Hockey League quietly began its new season last week, and our Nashville Predators started with two impressive home wins. In beating Colorado 3-0 and Dallas 5-1, it had to bring a smile to the faces of fans who had concerns after an off-season filled with uncertainty.

I won't re-hash all of that, but the fast start by the team was certainly a relief. Obviously, attendance is a big concern heading into the season. Though neither game sold out, attendance was pretty good. More than 16,000 attended the Colorado game and 13,000 showed up for the Dallas game. Of course, that was the announced attendance, which is often a little higher than the actual paid attendance.

For those who are thinking those numbers are weak, Nashville wasn't the only club to post less than capacity attendance numbers to start the season. It amused me that Detroit didn't sell-out its home opener. I guess "Hockeytown" ain't quite "Hockeytown" anymore.

I am only a casual hockey fan so I won't pretend to provide insight about the team. I know some of you who read this blog follow hockey and the Predators a lot more closely than I, so please post comments regarding how you feel about this year's team. The general consensus I've heard is that the team isn't close to last year's squad, but what I've seen so far has me encouraged. Goalie Chris Mason did a great job the first two games.

Additionally, anybody reading this who hasn't attended a Predators' game needs to go. Seeing hockey in person is a lot more fun than watching it on television. Television doesn't do hockey justice.


Joltin' Django said...

According to most hockey "experts," Nashville's 2007-08 team would not be the high-flying team of last year. Instead, Nashville was going to be a more physical, blue collar -- that is, grind out close games instead of scoring bunches of goals.

Boy, were the experts wrong, or what? After watching Arnott and Legwand during the first two games, I've almost forgotten about Kariya and Hartnell. And Chris Mason has looked like a seasoned veteran, instead of a young guy in his first year as a starter.

I know it's early, but I feel confident to make this prediction: The Predators will come close to matching last year's team's win total, and they WILL make the playoffs yet again.

sh4wn said...

I went to the opener, and they really looked good. Plus the new jumbotron is spectacular.

Chris said...

Of course, since I first posted this, the Predators' start isn't so blistering anymore. Three straight losses.

Still, go support the team.