Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New John Fogerty CD is good and completes his return home

John Fogerty's latest CD was released earlier this month and is a return to the stomping grounds where he first made his name. Titled 'Revival,' it is his first new studio album since returning to Fantasy Records, and it is a good rock and roll record.

Fantasy Records is where he first came to prominence as the leader of Creedence Clearwater Revival, writing and producing such classics as 'Proud Mary,' 'Green River,' 'Fortunate Son,' and 'Up Around the Bend.' However, Fogerty left Fantasy shortly after CCR broke up in 1972 because of numerous disputes and remained estranged from the label until just a few years ago.

However, Fantasy's new owners began working with him to resolve the problems of the past, which culminated with Fogerty re-signing with the label. There is a lot of positive buzz around him right now, and the new album has gotten reviews ranging from 'good' to 'glowing' ('Rolling Stone' magazine review, 'USA Today' feature).

The album covers a lot of subject matter, ranging from semi-spiritual ('Don't You Wish It Was True') to reflective ('Broken Down Cowboy') to foot-stomping rock and roll ('It Ain't Right') to left wing politics ('Long Dark Night' and 'I Can't Take It No More') to nostalgia ('Summer of Love').

It is the best thing he has released since his Grammy-winning 'Blue Moon Swamp' back in 1997 though it doesn't quite reach the heights of that album. However, it is a good one.


Joltin' Django said...

5 Dec 2007 @ the Ryman. You goin'?!

Chris said...

I'm not sure yet.