Monday, November 19, 2007

Santa Claus' relentless assault on Sydney, Australia continues

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the presence of Santa Claus, but the jolly old man apparently is causing big problems for our friends down in Sydney, Australia.

It seems officials in Sydney have told people portraying Santa not to use his traditional greeting of "ho ho ho" because they are afraid it might offend women. Instead, they have instructed them to use the greeting "ha ha ha."

Ha ha ha? As funny as this sounds, this is no joke. Since the word "ho" has been adapted by society as a slang term for a prostitute, the folks down under felt they had to make the change to avoid confusion.

For better or worse, I believe I am more sensitive than the average person, but never have I made a link between "ho ho ho" and prostitution. Then again, I am not a woman and have not had a stranger in a disguise approach me chanting "ho ho ho."

This is dumb. This is dumber than dumb.

I wonder what Don Imus thinks of this controversy.


Anonymous said...

lighten up australia.

Joltin' Django said...

The Seattle public school system has banned teachers from using the phrase "Happy Thanksgiving" ... because it offends so many people on so many levels.

The folks living Down Under ain't the only ones having to put up with policially correct nitwittery these days.