Monday, January 21, 2008

I know two things about this year's Super Bowl

Well, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants are set to play in the Super Bowl a little less than two weeks from now. There are two things that are absolutely certain about this game.

The first is that the Patriots will be picked by most to win (early point spreads have them a 14-point favorite). The second is that I will be rooting for the Giants.

For some reason, the Patriots are one of those teams that really get under my skin. Maybe it is because they seemed to enjoy running up the score on other teams this year. No matter how big the lead, the Pats often kept throwing the ball late in the game to get as many points as possible. They came across to me like bullies rubbing their opponent's face in the dirt.

Or maybe it is because they got caught cheating earlier this year, but portrayed themselves as the victims. During the first game this year, NFL officials caught them videotaping their opponent's assistant coaches in an attempt to steal their signs. They were clearly breaking the rules, but never expressed any contrition regarding their deeds.

Whatever the reason, I will be against them.

As for the Giants, I am happy that quarterback Eli Manning has gotten them to the big game. He has received a lot of heat from Giants fans and the New York media for the growing pains he has gone through as a leader. However, he is now one game away from being a Super Bowl champion.

Even though Manning played his college ball at Ole Miss, many Tennessee fans support him because his family did so much for the Volunteers’ program (of course, brother Peyton played at UT).

Also, get ready for the hype. Do yourself a favor. Don't watch ESPN between now and the game. Why? Because they are going to spend the next two weeks cramming this game up the collective wazoo of the American public.

The hype has only just begun, but I am already sick of it.


Anonymous said...

The Patriots will crush the Giants. It is their year.

Joltin' Django said...

I tried accessing your Web site by typing the URL in my browser. I got a site with "Mega site of Bible studies and information" in the title, and which featured a video of a "Britney Spears nipple slip" moment. Re-typed it a couple of times ... same thing. When I hit your link on the Nigh Seen Creeder, it takes me to your Web site.

You ain't been hacked, have you?

Mister Jimmy said...

Anyone who has to post as Anonymous should be in fer an asskickin, but I digress - I ain't got no ESPN so I will by default avoid the hype. All I'll bring to the game is some good beer and possibly some Funyuns.

Chris said...

"You ain't been hacked, have you?"

I accessed my blog from several different computers today, but did not encounter the problem you did. So, I'm guessin' everything is okay, but it is something I'll definitely keep my eye on. Thanks.