Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Staggering Vols visit South Carolina still in search of itself

Last Saturday was the first Tennessee game I attended in person this year, and the trip confirmed two things: the Vols offense is as bad as advertised and Alabama is really good.

Heading into the season's ninth game, Tennessee's offense simply stinks. No improvement is being shown against elite teams. No running game, costly penalties at the worst time and general inefficiency rule the day.

This week, the Volunteers visit South Carolina, and the Gamecocks have one of the best defenses in the Southeastern Conference. Plus, Carolina has Steve Spurrier who has been Phillip Fulmer's personal tormentor for years (though Fulmer has done better against Spurrier since he went to Carolina.)

Week after week, I have been waiting for improvement from Tennessee's offense. However, at this point, I've decided to stop holding my breath. To use a popular cliché: they are what they are.

Tennessee is no longer an elite team, and teams are licking their chops at being able to even the score against them. Last week, it was Alabama. This week, it will be South Carolina.

A whole new era of Tennessee football has begun.

The pick: South Carolina 21 Tennessee 13

Other picks: Florida over Georgia, Mississippi State over Kentucky, LSU over Tulane, Ole Miss over Auburn, Alabama over Arkansas State, Tulsa over Arkansas

Last week: 5-2 (.714), Overall: 50-15 (.769)


Mister Jimmy said...

The Bible says that without vision the people perish. This team has no vision. The teams that do well, consistently, seem to have a sense of destiny, a vision if you will, of what they intend to do. This year's Vol squad seems to lack direction. Don't know if that's the players' doing or the coaching, but my inclination would be to look at the leadership, or lack of, on the coaching staff and among the players.

josh said...

Let's hope this "new era of Tennessee football" is both short-lived and quickly forgotten.

Chris said...

Carolina 27 Tennessee 6. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

josh said...

Breaking news at the moment from the Tennessean and ESPN among others... Fulmer won't be back next season, but will coach the remainder of 2008.

Sad in ways, but I necessary I think.