Monday, March 30, 2009

Erin Andrews and the price of fame

In many ways, the blog-o-sphere is a place where anything goes. Of course, this can be for good things or bad things. For a famous person, blogs are often a place where he or she can get free publicity. Conversely, blogs can also make famous people a target, in which information can be made up with little accountability.

Consider this recent comment by ESPN's Erin Andrews: "There's been situations where stuff that's been false has been written (about me on the internet). We've kinda had to take action on our own. Whether it's my agents or lawyers or stuff. It's kind of hard to stay away from it....It's amazing that people can write the stuff that they write and not be held accountable for it. Can you imagine if you and I went on air or on the radio and said some of the stuff that these people get away with. We'd be fired. It's unbelievable."

There was a point early in my life where being famous would have been attractive. Not now. Anonymity is just fine with me.

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