Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not everybody applauds President Obama's first 100 days

We are about 100 days through President Barack Obama's tenure. There have been lots of comments regarding his performance with most of them being good. However, in reporting these comments, it is difficult to trust the mainstream media. Obama had most media outlets in his back pocket during last year's campaign and the start of his presidency.

However, 'The Tennessean' published a round up of comments regarding the major issues of the day in its April 26 edition. Because most of the good comments have been reported over and over again, I thought I would post some of the negative comments. After all, given 'The Tennessean’s' leanings, it is unlikely we will see something like this for a while.

About the economy:

"President Obama – the man – is as impressive a politician as I have ever seen. His economic policies are across-the-board as bad as or worse than President Nixon's, Carter's, or perhaps Hoover's. We, as a nation, will be able to witness firsthand the consequences of a gigantic clash between substance and form." -- Arthur B. Laffer, former Reagan adviser and head of Laffer Associates.

About foreign relations:

"President Obama's inexperience and naivete about foreign policy matters could not be more glaring. His frequent denigration of our great country, his embrace of Third World tyrants, and his shameless campaign to become president of the world is starting to make Carter's presidency look even better." -- Carol M. Swain, professor of law and political science, Vanderbilt University.

About bipartisanship:

"President Obama has governed in a partisan fashion. That is no surprise, since we live in a partisan era. Many complain about it, but the upside is that the Democrats are now accountable for the future growth of the economy. The public, as a result, can now hold them accountable in the 2010 and 2012 elections. That is what democracy is all about." -- John Geer, professor of political science, Vanderbilt University.

About the environment:

"Check the White House Energy and Environment Web page and it's obvious the Obama administration is fully on board the Kyoto Protocol gravy train. Conventional sources that produce virtually all of our energy will be taxed or regulated into oblivion to provide generous handouts to all those favored underperforming fairy dust technologies." -- Mike Kimmitt of Franklin, retired oil and gas industry executive.

Those are the negative comments. To read the positive comments, visit 'The Tennessean's' web site here.

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