Thursday, April 2, 2009

One out of four isn't bad...right?

Back on March 19, I made my picks regarding who I thought would reach the final four in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. I picked North Carolina, Missouri, Louisville, and Pittsburgh. So, how did I do?

Not so good. The only school I got right was North Carolina, but I was very close to getting all four. Missouri, Louisville, and Pittsburgh all made it to the regional finals before losing. Close but no cigar.

Michigan State, Connecticut and Villanova will join Carolina in the final four. Since Carolina has brought me this far, I am going to stick with them to win the title. As long as guard Ty Lawson is healthy, I don't see how the Tar Heels will get beat.


Joltin' Django said...

I picked NC to win when the NCAA tournament bracket came out. I'm sticking with my my pick.

Chris said...

Both North Carolina and Michigan State looked great in winning tonight. It should be an exciting championship game.

I still think Carolina will win, but Michigan State has two things going for it. 1. The game is being played in Detroit so they will definitely have the home court advantage. 2. Michigan State has a Cinderella aura around it. With all the economic problems Michigan is having, it would make sense in a way if they won. If State does win, the only way it could get better for Michigan folks is if they impeached Gov. Jennifer Granholm after the game.

Chris said...

As I write this, Carolina leads Michigan State by 17 late in the second half. I suppose there is a chance the Spartans can rally, but I doubt it. Carolina is the better team.

After a full season in which ESPN desperately tried to brainwash the nation into believing that this year's Big East Conference was the best in college basketball history, the conference didn't even get one team into the final game. Sure wish I could get a job as one of ESPN's "experts."