Monday, June 8, 2009

Manchester ready for Bonnaroo invasion

Well, I went to Walmart to do my weekly grocery shopping, and I can attest that Manchester is ready for Bonnaroo. Pallet after pallet of beer, soft drinks, and bottled water lined the store. I did not realize Pabst Blue Ribbon was still so popular. If the weather is hot, I expect merchants like Walmart to do very well.

At this point, I do not plan on attending Bonnaroo, so I probably will not blog much on the event. I have a couple of ideas, but I am undecided on whether I will write about them or not.

So, if you are heading this way, be safe and have a good time. If you are not attending Bonnaroo, my advice is not to drive down here. Traffic jams aplenty will occur in the next few days.


Mister Jimmy said...

You could probably buy one of those pallets of beer and set up a concession in your front yard, park cars and sell beer. My friend, you wouldn't have to work the rest of the year.

Chris said...

I won't be selling refreshments at my house, but parking will be FREE.

Of course, I will be charging a $37 'convenience fee' for each person in a car to cover miscellaneous expenses. Hey, it works for Ticketmaster.