Monday, June 29, 2009

When in Antioch, try Pancho Mexican Restaurant on Bell Road

In general, I react to Mexican food in a lukewarm way. I enjoy a quesadilla as much as the next guy, but I usually do not eat this type of food very often.

I may have to re-think this approach after a co-worker and I enjoyed the lunch buffet at the Pancho Mexican Restaurant on Bell Road in Antioch. It offered a nice array of Mexican food that was well prepared and at a reasonable price.

Chicken, spicy beef, and other delicacies that I am not sure what to call filled up my belly nicely. After I was finished, I wanted to take a long nap, which is usually the highest praise I can thrust upon a lunch buffet.

The restaurant is located just off I-24 at the Bell Road exit. It is located in the EconoLodge hotel near Snooker's.

For more information, our friend Joltin' Django posted a longer review on his blog A Man's Gotta Eat last month. Click here to read his thoughts.

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