Wednesday, July 1, 2009

California 'too big to fail'? I’m getting fed up with this...

The budgetary crisis facing the state of California has received a lot of press. It doesn't have any money, and because of the impact the state has on the national economy, some are hinting a bailout is necessary because the state is "too big to fail."

Too big to fail? We've heard a lot of that lately. We heard that the automakers were too big to let fail so a lot of tax dollars were paid to bail some of them out. We heard that some of the banks that were failing last year were too big to let fail. So, it was the taxpayer to the rescue, as we bailed out a lot of people who appeared clueless about how to run a business.

Maybe California is too big to let fail. However, a lot of us small people are too small to keep bailing out these jackasses.

A day of reckoning is coming...and that right soon.

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