Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, to be in Barrow now that summer is here

If it is summer, then it is time to check on the weather in Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is the northernmost permanent settlement in the United States. Because of this, people there experience the worst weather has to offer in the winter.

However, during summer, Barrow catches a break. At least, I look at it from that perspective here in Tennessee. While we experience heat and humidity during the summer, Barrow often experiences mild temperatures that make me envious.

Other than a brief hot stretch in mid-June, Middle Tennessee has not had a brutally hot stretch yet this year. Temperatures have been around normal, but that is still a bit much for me. Highs around 90 degrees with high humidity on a regular basis is not my idea of fun.

This week, Barrow will experience high temperatures in the 60s with lows in the 40s. Tuesday will be partly sunny with a high of 65. The forecast is the same for Wednesday, but on Thursday, it will be mostly cloudy with a high around 60.

In other words: perfect.

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Larry J. said...

The temp is about 70 where I am and the wind is nice and cool. Barrow cant beat that.