Thursday, July 23, 2009

The semi-erotic adventures of the Oscar Mayer wienermobile

Last weekend, I totally missed the news about the Oscar Mayer wienermobile being involved in a wreck that saw it driven into the garage of a Wisconsin home. For those who do not know, the wienermobile is a hot dog shaped automobile that the Oscar Mayer company uses to promote its products around the country.

When I attended the University of Tennessee, I knew somebody who did a summer internship for Oscar Mayer, and she spent a lot of her time riding around in it. I guess there are crazier ways to get public relations experience.

As for this accident, the photo of the wiener crammed into the house's garage is funny in a lot of ways. Though I know I'll come across as immature, there are also a lot of innuendos that can be generated from that giant hot dog disappearing into the open and receiving building.

Ah, well, such is the life of a hot dog car.

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