Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn is the grandest of all seasons

Mercifully, summer has ended, and it was not a minute too soon for me. Summer is by far my least favorite season.

The heat, humidity, and general stickiness that come with it get old very quickly for me. Generally, summer begins on June 21 each year, and by June 22 I am ready for it to end. Even though this year's summer was cooler and wetter than normal, it was still tiresome.

I have no patience with it whatsoever. However, there is one aspect of summer I like a lot.

Summer's best aspect is that it provides the transition to my favorite season, which is autumn.

I have always loved the word "autumn." It has an almost poetic feel to it. The word definitely has a lot more flavor and style to it than "fall," which is the word most people use to call it.

The word itself feels like a breath of fresh air.

After all the stagnant air that is typical of summer, autumn is, indeed, like a fresh wind that cleanses the environment.

The season's most obvious characteristics are its cooler temperatures and the falling of leaves from the trees.

In mid to late October, the leaves on most trees will turn to astonishingly beautiful colors before they fall to the ground.

For nature lovers, this period is a feast for the senses. Do yourself a favor during this time and take time to walk through some of the parks we have in this area.

In Manchester, go to Old Stone Fort and spend a couple of hours walking on the trails and soak up the best nature has to offer. It will be well worth your time.

For folks who dislike summer, autumn feels like a reward for the patience we had during the previous three or four months.

If for no other reason, go outside and enjoy how wonderful our climate is this time of year.

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