Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bruce Pearl magnificent in way he is handling Tennessee

To say it as been an eventful first couple of weeks of 2010 for the Tennessee men's basketball team would be an understatement. We all know the story: four players were arrested on New Year's Day on gun and drug charges. One has already been dismissed from the team while the other three remain indefinitely suspended.

In the aftermath, most expected the team to fall apart. However, that has not happened. The Vols upset then-No. 1 Kansas last Sunday and beat a good Charlotte team the game before that. In fact, a person could make a strong case that the last two games are the best games Tennessee has played all season.

Nobody knows where the season will go from here. The Vols could still collapse and limp all the way to March. The SEC opener is Thursday against Auburn, and it would not entirely surprise me if we fell flat on our faces. Or, we could continue to rally and put together a remarkable season. Who knows?

The one thing to emerge from the wreckage of this mess is that head coach Bruce Pearl is a heck of a coach both off the court and on. He is exactly the type of coach I want leading the program.

Take time to appreciate him.

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Joltin' Django said...

With Kiffin's abrupt departure, and the "departure" of Kiffin's bluechip recruits, Pearl is poised to turn UT into a - GASP! - basketball school!

CBS was certainly thrilled with the outcome of the UT-Kansas game. The CBS College Sports network has shown the game three times since Sunday.