Monday, February 8, 2010

The Who delivered a good performance as part of the Super Bowl halftime show

I became a fan of The Who when I was a teenager growing up in the late 1970s. Like most things from our youth, they retain a special place in my heart. However, I was nervous when I heard they would be the main entertainment during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Let's face it; the remaining original members of the band are in the latter stages of their careers. Plus, they don't play together that often, and being British, would they take the venue they were playing at that seriously? I wondered whether they would phone it in like The Rolling Stones did a few years ago.

Fortunately, they delivered a fun performance. Even though they may have lost a step or two, it was great hearing songs like 'Baba O'Riley' and 'Won't Get Fooled Again.'

Well done.


Joltin' Django said...

The Who Sell Out is my favorite Who LP. When I was playing in a band in college, we would often play "Armenia City in the Sky" during our gigs in and 'round Murfreesboro.

Incidentally, you can buy cans of British Heinz baked beans, like you seen in that pic, at Publix. Blue label Heinz beans, as I like to call 'em, are vastly superior to "American" Heinz beans -- they're not as sweet.

Tenn Irish said...

There's an episode of "House" where Baba O'Riley is used to absolute perfection. Not so much last night's performance. But you're right, they weren't phoning it in.

I'm torn as to my favorite commercial. If I could say for sure that the Green Car ad was really slamming all the greenies, I'd pick it in a heartbeat. Kind of like, "We both know all this green stuff is a crock, but, hey, we've got your car. . .if that's what you really want."