Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'The Nightly Daily' offers its Final Four picks

We are only hours way from the start of the NCAA basketball tournament. Just for the record, here are the four teams The Nightly Daily has picked to reach the Final Four.

Midwest Regional: Kansas. No big surprise here. Top-seeded Kansas was the best team in the best conference this year. Don't drink the ESPN Kool-Aid. The Big 12 was superior to the Big East this year. The Jayhawks will beat third-seeded Georgetown in the regional final.

West Regional: Kansas State. Is a pattern developing here? The Nightly Daily has the second-seeded Wildcats beating Syracuse in the regional final. That is two brackets where a Big 12 school should beat a Big East school.

East Regional: West Virginia. Finally, some love for the Big East. This pick was a white knuckler. Mountaineer head coach Bob Huggins has always had little success in the tourney, especially when he coached Cincinnati. Still, West Virginia should edge top-seeded Kentucky in the regional final.

South Regional: Duke. Somebody has to win this regional, and Duke looks like the best bet. They should beat second-seeded Villanova in the regional final. However, Villanova has lost six of their last 10, so having them make it this far could be a stretch.

So, there they are: Kansas, Kansas State, West Virginia, and Duke.

At this point, there will be no choice for the national title winner. When the Final Four teams are set in a few weeks, we will re-visit these picks and pick a national title winner then.

Good luck with your brackets everybody.


Joltin' Django said...

I suck at the bracket-picking game. If I had a free five-spot to put down on the team I think'll win it all, I'd put it down on Syracuse (somewhere Joe Sokolowski is cheering me on)!

That said, I'm still pissed that MTSU's women's team -- with their 25-5 record -- didn't get better respect, and a better draw, in the NCAA Gals' Tournement. Indeed.

Chris said...

MTSU's ladies got a raw deal. There are a lot of curious seedings in both the men's and women's tournaments. Maybe the selection committees made a point to be controversial this year.

Chris said...

Well, Kansas was the first of my picks to lose. However, could this make Tennessee's possible road to the Final Four a little easier? Hmmmmmmmmm........