Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Shutter Island' should be on your list of movies to see

I finally got around to seeing the latest Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island. I have written before that I am a big fan of his films (click here for more on that). As has been the case in his last several films, he uses Leonardo DiCaprio as his leading actor, and the collaboration once again pays off.

DiCaprio plays a federal marshal assigned to investigate the disappearance of a woman at a prison/hospital that houses the most dangerous and disturbed people in the country. I won't reveal the ending, but it provided a nice twist to the story. As I have written in the past, I do not review films here, so if you want an in-depth review click here.

Scorsese and DiCaprio have quite a good thing going. Gangs of New York, The Aviator, and The Departed are all first-rate films in which they have worked together. Apparently, DiCaprio has replaced Robert DeNiro as his actor of choice (however, this comment may not be entirely fair because DeNiro was scheduled to be in The Departed but had to drop out. Martin Sheen took his place).

If you have a chance, go see this film.

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