Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring brings joy

If somebody doubted that spring is a special time of year, then the last few weeks should have presented that person with compelling evidence that it is.

Fortunately, since we live in the South, we are spared the full wrath of winter. Even so, January and February were miserable months this year with long cold snaps that made the days and nights more unbearable than normal.

If winter is a season that can bring a person to his knees, then spring is the season that can help that person live again.

During springtime, we can savor all the parts of the day.

It starts before dawn. The sky is still black except for a golden streak that illuminates the eastern horizon. The sun is not up yet, but it is only minutes away. The older I get, the more I appreciate the beauty of a sunrise.

It is usually around this time that we all wake up. As we lay in our beds, we can hear the birds singing. Because it is so early, their singing is that much more noticeable because the noise of traffic and other aspects of life have not begun.

Is there any more beautiful alarm clock than to wake up and hear birds singing? I do not believe so. The early calm of the day combined with the bird’s songs create a perfect moment. It is not easy to get out of bed some days, but waking up to this scenario helps us get our mojo going.

However, like with most events that are perfect, it does not last for long. The noise of the day begins, but as this starts, spring fights back.

Spring is not a passive season. As the full brilliance of the sun takes hold, we see the unique beauty the season brings us. As the environment blooms, we see blues, reds, greens, and yellows. It is a vast departure from the charcoal gray of winter and the curse of kudzu that will be here before we know it.

Temperatures are blissful during this time. Even during the unseasonably warm temperatures we had earlier this month, the air still had a cool and humid-free feel to it as we approached mid-morning. Enjoy the lack of humidity now because it will be gone soon as we head toward the dog days of summer.

By this time of spring, most of us have mown our yards at least once or twice (or more). When cutting our lawns for the first time, we smelled the unusual blend of sweet grass and onions that we do not smell any other time. I like that smell, but if a person does not, do not worry because it is a one-time event.

As our day moves through the afternoon, nature’s kaleidoscope remains in full swing. As our work day ends, we are greeted by the start of a golden sunset. The temperature falls to that perfect level in which it is cool enough to wear a sweatshirt, but warm enough to wear shorts.

Then night comes, and the day ends almost as quickly as it began. We prepare for bed, and we have reached the point where we can sleep with our windows open. Instead of a central heating or cooling system to bring comfort, we use the night air that brings its mixture of chilliness and moisture into our homes.

I know what I have written is flowery, but sometimes we experience events so often that they lose their specialness. This is the case with spring.

And this could apply to other parts of life if we are not careful.

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