Monday, June 7, 2010

Ticket prices for McCartney concert are laughably high

I was excited when I first heard that Sir Paul McCartney will play at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on July 26. I have never seen him perform in person, and with him pushing 70 years of age, this likely will be the last time folks around here will have a chance to seem him.

I was excited until I saw the ticket prices for the concert. I am sure McCartney will put on a first-class show, but the prices for the tickets are a joke. There is no way I will pay those prices to see him play.

For example, single tickets in the upper deck are approximately $72 each (the price includes fees and taxes). Various package deals range from $400 to $1900.

Those prices are just too high. I know McCartney lost tens of millions of dollars in his divorce a few years ago, but his estimated fortune is in the hundreds of millions. I guess he is determined to make one last devastating cash grab before he retires.

He has every right to charge whatever he wants for tickets. I am just disappointed the prices are so high.

It's funny; it was John Lennon who got in trouble in 1966 for saying The Beatles were 'bigger than Jesus.' Based on what McCartney expects people to pay for tickets, Sir Paulie must think he is pretty big, too.

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Mister Jimmy said...

Maybe if those other 3 guys were around to play with him.