Friday, July 23, 2010

'Inception' a first-rate thriller that succeeds on all levels

There was a lot of hype about Inception leading up to its release, especially about its plot and special effects. The film lived up to my expectations of it, and seeing it was a very satisfying movie-going experience.

The plot primarily deals with the manipulation of dreams and how people can exploit them. I will not give away too many of the details because I do not want to spoil it for anybody thinking about seeing it (click here for a deeper review of the film). However, the subject matter is quite interesting, and it was delivered in an entertaining way.

There has been some buzz about the plot being too complicated. I did not see it that way at all. Because of the nature of the subject matter, it required several plot lines to be unfolded at the same time and in some cases, it happened fast. Still, I did not find the story difficult to follow though I would recommend that people pay close attention to information provided at the beginning of the film. It was refreshing to watch a film that challenged the audience to use its brain.

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to be reliable when it comes to delivering a good performance. He was excellent, and he has blossomed into much more than a heartthrob in the last 10 years. He continues to align himself with excellent directors. Christopher Nolan, who directed The Dark Knight, wrote and directed Inception. Of course, DiCaprio has also made four films with Martin Scorsese.

The film is worth seeing. To get the full impact of it, I recommend seeing it in a theater instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD. It is a visual film that deserves to be seen on a big canvas.

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