Saturday, June 4, 2011

'Sports Illustrated' drops hammer on Jim Tressel and Ohio State football progam

For years, the Southeastern Conference has been a convenient whipping boy when it comes to discussing corruption in college football. Much of that talk is justified because several schools have often broken NCAA rules in an attempt to get ahead. However, when discussing this corruption, Big 10 schools have been kept out of the talk. Thankfully, that is changing because we are learning schools there also cheat like crazy.

This week's Sports Illustrated documents cheating within the Ohio State football program that goes back to 2002. Coach Jim Tressel has already been forced out, and the NCAA will be taking a good, long look at the program. This is a story that will not be going away any time soon.

So, apparently, the conference's sacred cow status is being chipped away. Michigan's football program is already on probation. Ohio State will join it, too. Also, about 20 percent of Penn State's roster has a criminal record.

Enjoy the spotlight guys. It is about time.

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