Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Evil never wins

Though progress against evil seems to move slowly, it does move. This progress is often misunderstood as a lack of progress because it goes so slow. Many times, progress against evil moves as slowly as a snail crawling across a highway.

However, when the winds of change finally blow, it is a sweet feeling. People experience one-of-a-kind emotions when a scoundrel gets his comeuppance. At this point, time moves with breathtaking speed. Circumstances that were once thought of as impossibly bad become situations that are filled with optimism.

Anything seems possible when an evil person meets his doom. Eventually, this bubble of optimism bursts as it collides with the real world. However, for a while, everything appears perfect.

I can only imagine that the people of Libya are still enjoying their bubble of optimism. It has been less than two weeks since the death of Moammar Gadhafi, and for a while, they will get to enjoy a honeymoon period as the country decides what its next step will be.

However, the big story is that evil has lost again. It may have taken 42 years, but Gadhafi has been removed from the list of problems that country faces. Libya has been delivered from a really bad person.

Of course, evil manifests itself in a multitude of ways, but one of the most visible ways is when leaders misuse the power they have. History is littered with monsters that misused power and hurt a lot of people.

We can easily list the worst of these leaders. Adolf Hitler. Joseph Stalin. Also, let us not forget evil leaders in recent years such as Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden. Those people were all powerful and unstoppable at some point.

However, all those men mentioned share one thing in common. They were all stopped. Some were overthrown and executed. Others just finally died.

So, for Gadhafi and others like him, their reigns of terror will likely be a blip on the radar of history. They vainly tried to puff themselves up into being great and powerful men, but now, they are just another person who belongs to the ages.

I wonder what it is like to be in Gadhafi’s shoes right now. Most of the world’s major religions teach that in the afterlife people will be held accountable for actions done on earth.

Obviously, it is impossible to absolutely know what he is going through at this moment. I may be overstepping my boundaries, but I cannot imagine things are going too well for him.

I wonder if he is facing all the people he played a roll in torturing and murdering. I wonder if he is facing the women he raped. I know this is pretty graphic, but these are possibilities that must be addressed.

Most of all, I wonder if he is getting a chance to see all the good he could have done if he had used his power in an appropriate way. Maybe he understands now that he could have been more than that blip on the radar if he had used his power for the bettering of mankind.

Now, he has eternity to contemplate what might have been. ‘What if?’ is a question that can haunt us all if we do not make the right decisions.

The solace we can take in this is that the bullies of the moment will eventually get what is coming to them. It may or may not take place in this lifetime, but it will eventually happen.

As sappy as it might sound, good really does triumph in the end. Unfortunately, some people do not realize this until it is too late.

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