Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tennessee Titans have appealing home schedule in 2012

The National Football League schedule will not be released until April, but the Tennessee Titans already know what teams they will play next season. Quite frankly, the home schedule looks pretty exciting.

In addition to playing their three AFC South foes, the Titans will host the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers. I know some fans are bumming because their season ticket prices are going up, but at least they have an excellent slate of games to enjoy.

The Patriots are the defending AFC champion and have quarterback Tom Brady. The Jets have gas bag head coach Rex Ryan (and maybe Peyton Manning at quarterback?). The Bears will be good with a solid defense. The Lions are one of the most exciting young teams in the league and are coached by former Titans' defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. The Steelers and the Titans always mix it up good.

The road schedule is not nearly as appealing. In addition to the divisional foes, the Titans visit the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins (and maybe Peyton Manning at quarterback?), Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings (and maybe Peyton Manning at quarterback?) and San Diego Chargers.

The games against the Packers and Chargers are interesting, but the rest appear dull, dull, dull (at least at this point).

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