Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My picks for the Final Four

It took a lot of sweating and gnashing of teeth, but I have finally arrived at my Final Four picks for the men's tournament. I'm going with Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas, and Missouri.

That's three #2 seeds and one #1 seed. I'm not exactly going out on a limb in picking Kentucky, but I did hesitate a bit after they lost to Vanderbilt in the SEC tournament. Still, I can't see a better team in the entire field, and I expect them to win the whole ball of wax.

I've liked Missouri all season, and I'm not going to back off them now. They are in the same regional as Michigan State, but the Tigers should be able to outscore them if they meet.

Ohio State is in the same bracket as Syracuse, but I simply do not trust the Orangemen for some reason. I'm also taking Kansas over North Carolina for the same reason. I don't trust the Tar Heels.

So, there you have them. Read them and weep.

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Chris said...

Missouri went down and went down hard today.

Oh, how my brackets weep.