Sunday, April 8, 2012


In a recent dream, I received an e-mail from a friend inviting me to a party being hosted by a person I do not know. I don't like parties especially ones thrown by strangers. However, I decide to go.

Next, I am standing outside the house where the party is occurring, and it is night. I am nervous, and I walk in without knocking. Though there are lots of cars outside, it is silent when I enter the home. I feel anxiety like I am doing something wrong. I do not know what to do so I walk toward the basement. As I enter it, I see a swimming pool. Again, there are no people though I sense many around me.

I begin to walk down into the pool fully clothed. I am wearing denim so my clothes become very heavy as they get wet. I decide to take the clothes off while I am in the water. It is a struggle trying to do this while submerged and getting the heavy clothes off my skin is difficult. About halfway through this effort, I think to myself: "Hey, I can't do this. I don't even know the people who live here."

At this point, I decide to get out of the pool and leave. The remaining clothes on me are heavy as I walk up the steps of the pool. My pants legs especially weigh me down. When I step out, I bend over and pick up the clothes I had taken off. They are a struggle to put back on as the denim sticks to my skin as I slide it over my shoulders and chest. The harder I try to put them on, the more difficult it becomes. Anxiety continues to build.

I walk out of the basement into the hallway. For the first time, I see people, and I feel more anxiety. Two people are walking toward me, but they look uncomfortable. They look at me then quickly look away as I pass them. It is like they do not want me to notice that they looked at me. I am convinced something bad is about to happen. I continue walking and reach the front door.

I walk outside, and it is daylight. It appears to be mid-afternoon. There are more people, but I am trying to walk away without being noticed. As I step on to the front yard, I keep my head down. As I do, I notice various piles of dog excrement. I am very careful as I walk not to step into any.

I continue to walk, and though I hear voices behind me, nobody follows me.

Then I wake up.

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