Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jose Canseco is today's cautionary tale

I found this note on page 20 of the August 13, 2012, issue of Sports Illustrated: "$20,850 -- Assets listed in court last week by former slugger Jose Canseco, who filed for bankruptcy, claiming $1.7 million in debt."

During the prime of his career, Canseco made millions of dollars a year.  Now, he is worth less than me financially.  If that note is correct, he only has assets totaling $20,000 with debts nearing $2 million.  I do not mean to make light of his situation, but it is hard to fathom how somebody who had so much money can have so little.  I know this happens frequently, but I guess he is a cautionary tale of what can happen.  It can happen to all us (even those of us who never had all the money Canseco did).
Back when his whole future was in front of him...

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