Monday, August 20, 2012

Wisconsin has laughably easy path to Big 10 championship game

As I have written before, I believe the Big 10 is a tremendously overrated conference when it comes to college football.  There are many reasons why I feel this way, but I will not be getting into any of those at this point.  I am going to talk about a team I feel is actually pretty good:  the Wisconsin Badgers.  The program is solid and most of the preseason polls I have seen have them ranked in the top 15.
However, there can be no denying that the Badgers have an incredibly easy path to the Big 10 title game this year.  This is not Wisconsin's fault – they just happen to be in the same division as Ohio State and Penn State.  Both those teams are ineligible for postseason play because they are on NCAA probation. 
So, who does that leave to compete with Wisconsin for the division title?  Illinois, Purdue, and Indiana.  Those three teams had a combined 15-23 record last year.
Like I wrote at the beginning, Wisconsin is a good team. However, they will not be worth the hype they will get as they skate to the title in the Leaders Division.

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