Tuesday, October 2, 2012

God: the Father of mercies

Hundreds of terms have been used to describe God, but one of the best ones is recorded in II Corinthians of the Bible where the Apostle Paul referred to Him as the 'Father of mercies.' This term, which appears in the third verse of chapter one (King James translation), makes an important point. Above all things, God is merciful.

First of all, what is mercy? There are a lot of definitions, but I define it as showing compassion toward others who might not necessarily deserve it. In a spiritual context, God showed mercy toward mankind by providing a plan of Salvation through Jesus. He made available to everybody a way to spend eternity with Him if they will accept that Jesus was crucified as an atonement for their sins and that Jesus rose on the third day.

If a person accepts this, He will protect them from His holy judgment against the world. It is important to remember that God was not obligated in any way to provide a way for us. Mankind rebelled and chose to sin against Him causing a barrier to be brought down between us and Him. He gave us paradise, but it just wasn't enough for us. However, because of His mercy, He provided a way out of a circumstance that was totally hopeless.

Today, there are many who scoff at the notion of God being merciful because of the serious problems in the world. There is war in the Middle East, famine in Africa, and indifference in Europe and the United States. Many say, how could a loving and merciful God allow all this to happen?

However, the things I just listed are man made. If this world genuinely turned toward God, these problems would go away. This is because if we interacted with each other with the love of God in our hearts then it would be harder for us to inflict the pain we currently do on each other.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be prepared for the next life. Your past does not matter; go to Him. God loves you and wants to spend eternity with you.

Take it from somebody who is the chiefest of sinners, He is waiting for you.

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