Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pittsburgh Steelers throwback uniforms made my retinas burst

As they say, the socks make the uniform...
Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?  In the past, I have written about the excellent throwback uniforms worn by some NFL teams (among them the New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers, and Chicago Bears).  However, the limits of good taste were pushed by the Steelers today.

What do the players look like most?  Bumble bees?  Pirates?  Prisoners on a chain gang?  Guys who ate too many eggs and just couldn't keep them down?

At a time when Hurricane Sandy is punishing the Northeast, the last thing the poor beleaguered people of that region needed was this.  Disposing of them at a public bonfire might be a good idea.


Anonymous said...

I go with bumblebees.

If they had a sense of humor, they would have made the pants striped too.

Chris said...

I've heard the uniforms were based on the ones worn in 1934. I wonder if they were considered as bad then.

Chris said...

The Steelers are wearing them again against the Ravens tonight. I may have to put on my sunglasses.