Friday, November 16, 2012

New St. Louis Cardinals uniforms are first rate

A good retro look...
A recent trend in Major League Baseball has been the addition of alternate uniforms by teams.  For example, the Atlanta Braves added a uniform worn only during weekend home games last year.  It was a cream-colored uni based on what the team wore in 1966, and it was a big hit.  
The St. Louis Cardinals recently announced a new uniform addition that also has a nice retro feel to it and will be worn during home games on Saturdays next season.  This Yahoo! article goes more in-depth about it, and the most interesting aspect of the uniform is that it presents something new while still embracing the team's tradition.  The Cardinals have as much tradition as any team in the National League, and it is nice that the team was able to achieve this.
Well done, Cardinals.

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stan the man said...

I'm biased, but Ive always loved the Cardinals uniforms. They are vintage. Good colors tastefully presented unlike other teams.