Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh, mercy, it's hot....it's really hot

It has been a hot and dry summer so far, but only now have we officially entered the first heat wave of the season. Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 101 degrees here in Manchester. For the next few days, the forecast is for it to be in the upper 90s and dry.

I don't like this. True, life could be a lot worse, but as I have written before, I just don't like hot weather. The only way this could be more uncomfortable would be if I put on an itchy, black turtleneck sweater and played 36 holes of golf on Wednesday.

It is a little over six weeks until autumn so relief is not that far away. But in order to make this heat a little more bearable now, here is Wednesday's forecast for several cities where the living is a little easier right now. This may seem silly, but it's either do this or go sit on a block of ice.

Barrow, Alaska -- partly cloudy, high of 51
Reykjavik, Iceland -- light rain, high of 56
Buenos Aires, Argentina -- sunny, high of 62
Sydney, Australia -- sunny, high of 72
Nuuk, Greenland -- showers, high of 59
Johannesburg, South Africa -- mostly sunny, high of 65
Oslo, Norway -- showers, high of 71
Santiago, Chile -- afternoon showers, high of 52
Base Orcadas, Antarctica -- light snow, high of 33
Lima, Peru -- partly cloudy, high of 64

Now, that is some tasty weather. However, I don't feel any better. There is only one thing left to do. As you are reading this, I am now slowly descending onto the coldest of compresses (unfortunately, no blocks of ice were handy).

Ahh....aside from the part of me that is shriveling up, I feel much better now.


josh said...

"Ahh....aside from the part of me that is shriveling up, I feel much better now."

*removes part of brain where that image was created and stored*

Joltin' Django said...

You know how much I hate to be hot (hell, I take cold showers year-round). I check out the forecast in northern Canada every day and wish I could be there.

Right now, 9:30 a.m., the temperature in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is 44 degrees. Yes, 44 degrees. (That's only 12 degrees above freezing!)

Oh, I'd give anything to be in Yellowknife for the next two months!

Chris said...

When I went outside this morning, the air was already hot and humid enough to take a bite out of me. I've had better starts to days.