Monday, August 6, 2007

We all go a little Mona Lisa sometime

Consider this quote attributed to pop singer Britney Spears: "I kinda think (Mona Lisa's) like my alter ego. Whenever I feel like being mean or bustin' people to get stuff right, it's kinda easier to be called Mona Lisa instead of Britney."

She makes a good point. Sometimes the tough and dirty jobs have to get done, and you have to get in a totally different mindset to make that happen. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For me, when I need to bust some heads, I take on the persona of my main man Ernest Borgnine. When I go Ernie B. on people, they know it is time to either get things done or move on.

So, folks, you would do well to remember that when you start hassling me. Because if you aren't careful, you might get an up-close and personal taste of Ernie B.

And, trust me, you wouldn't want that.

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