Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The hearty people of Barrow, Alaska

If nothing else, I respect people who have patience and endurance. You know, the type of people who get put in situations that are beyond their control and have to just sit there and take it as it all plays out.

This is probably why I have always had a fixation with Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is the northernmost permanent settlement in the United States, and the folks there face an assortment of challenges.

The current challenge they are facing is that they are in the midst of approximately two months of darkness. The darkness began on November 18 and will end on January 24. The sun does not rise or set during this time though there is some twilight.

I think I would have a hard time handling that. The town of 4,000 borders the Arctic Ocean so coldness is its biggest challenge, but add continuous darkness to that and it all becomes a bit much to take. Therefore, you have to respect the tenacity it requires to live there.

On the bright side, they experience continuous daylight from mid May to early August, but I think that would be hard to handle, too. Perhaps the Barrow Chamber of Commerce should adopt the motto: "Welcome to Barrow! Land of Excesses."

Hang in there Barrow. We are thinking of you.


Chris said...

By the way, the high temperature in Barrow on Thursday is expected to be a balmy 11 degrees.

Joltin' Django said...

I wouldn't mind a couple of months of total darkness. Why? 'Cause I'm a freak; and as you know, it's okay for the freaks to come out at night. High temps of 11 degrees are right up my alley as well.