Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'The Nightly Daily' recommends: 'Awful Announcing'

In the latest installment of blog's I like, 'Awful Announcing' keeps close tabs on an area that is of interest to many men my age: sports broadcasting.

Sports have a prominent presence on the broadcasting landscape, especially on weekends. One big pet peeve of mine is that the largest and most powerful sports network, ESPN, is not objective when it comes to presenting sports news and analysis. Their commentators play favorites and often take cheap shots.

However, this blog does a good job of keeping folks in this industry on their toes. They don't just focus on ESPN, but on all the networks. It is good to hear other folks offer criticism in this field because I often feel like a lone wolf in the wilderness when it comes to some of the things I see and hear.

Sometimes the blog does get a little nit-picky, but it is worth a read if this field interests a person.

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