Thursday, November 15, 2007

Two wins and the Vols go to the SEC title game

It has been a crazy college football year, hasn't it? Despite all the adversity that has surrounded the University of Tennessee's football program, the team can advance to the SEC title game if they can beat Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the next two weeks.

Like everything else this year, it will not be an easy task. This week, the Volunteers host Vanderbilt. The most unnerving aspect of this match up is that Vandy needs one more win to qualify for their first bowl in 25 years. I'm sure they would love nothing more than to get that win against their bitter rival.

As their 5-5 record indicates, Vandy has had an up and down year. They scored an impressive upset when they won at South Carolina. However, they fumbled away a chance to beat Georgia and lost to the Bulldogs by three points. They have a formidable defense that has ranked in the top three of most conference statistical categories this year.

As for Tennessee, if they can play like they did against Arkansas, then they should win the game. The offensive line controlled the entire first half against the Razorbacks while the defense gave its most inspired effort since the Georgia game.

I say the Vols get it done.

The pick: Tennessee 24 Vanderbilt 16

As for the Tennessee Titans, where has the offense gone? In recent weeks, the team scratched out wins by playing good defense and controlling the clock by running the ball effectively.

However, that all changed last week, when Jacksonville came to Nashville and cleaned their clock 28-13. It is time for quarterback Vince Young to step up, and what better stage to do that on than Monday Night Football? The Titans played on MNF earlier this year and whipped New Orleans 31-14. This time, the Titans visit Denver to face former Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler.

Despite last week's loss, Tennessee did not lose any ground in the standings because Indianapolis lost. However, the offense continues to trend downward, averaging only a little over 15 points a game over the last three games. I know the Broncos are struggling, but I can't see the Titans winning with such an anemic offense.

The pick: Denver 23 Tennessee 17

Other SEC picks: Georgia over Kentucky, LSU over Ole Miss, Florida over Florida Atlantic, Arkansas over Mississippi State, Alabama over Louisiana-Monroe

Other NFL picks: Jacksonville over San Diego, Indianapolis over Kansas City, New Orleans over Houston, Dallas over Washington

Last week: 7-4 (.636), Overall: 96-32 (.750)


Joltin' Django said...

"Two wins and the Vols go to the SEC title game"

It's amazing to hear that considering that a lot of Vols fans were not so long ago predicting the gloomiest of doom for UT's football fans.

As much as I want to see Vandy succeed, and FINALLY go to a bowl game, I have a feeling in my gut that they're gonna get blown outta the Neyland Stadium bowl today. It may be downright ugly.

Joltin' Django said...

"not so long ago predicting the gloomiest of doom for UT's football fans." ---- I meant to say "the gloomiest of dooms for UT's football program." I apologize for the inconvenience.

chris said...

UT 25 Vandy 24: Deep in the third quarter when Vandy led 24-9, I thought it might be curtains for the Vols. Kudos to Coach Fulmer and the players for the comeback.

Vandy folks have a lot to be proud of though I'm sure they are sick and tired of falling just short in big games.

Joltin' Django said...

"Vandy folks have a lot to be proud of though I'm sure they are sick and tired of falling just short in big games."

I cannot imagine what it's like to be a true-blue/dyed-in-the-wool Vanderbilt U. fan right now. (Do "true-blue/dyed-in-the-wool Vandy fans even exist these days?!)

Vandy shoulda bested Georgia; Vandy shoulda bested Kentucky; and Vandy shoulda bested Tennessee.

The stars will have to align in a major way for Vandy to go to a bowl game this year. (I ain't gonna hold my breath waiting for such.)

Can we all now agree that Vanderbilt U.'s football team is the Chicago Cubs of the SEC ...?!