Monday, December 17, 2007

Bob Dylan circa 1966

Interviewer: ...what made you decide to go the rock-and-roll route?

Dylan: Carelessness. I lost my one true love. I started drinking. I wind up in Phoenix. I get a job as a Chinaman. I start working in a dime store, and move in with a 13-year-old girl. Then this big Mexican lady from Philadelphia comes in and burns the house down. I go down to Dallas. I get a job as a "before" in a Charles Atlas "before and after" ad. I move in with a delivery boy who can cook fantastic chili and hot dogs. Then this 13-year-old girl from Phoenix comes and burns the house down. The next thing I know I'm in Omaha. It's so cold there, by this time I'm robbing my own bicycles and frying my own fish. I move in with a high school teacher who also does a little plumbing on the side, who ain't much to look at, but who's built a special kind of refrigerator that can turn newspaper into lettuce. Everything's going good until that delivery boy shows up and tries to knife me. Needless to say, he burned the house down, and I hit the road. The first guy that picked me up asked me if I wanted to be a star. What could I say?

Interviewer: And that’s how you became a rock-and-roll singer?

Dylan: No, that's how I got tuberculosis.


Joltin' Django said...

How un-PC is that quote? Let me count the ways:

BD living with a 13-year-old? Get Chris Hanson on the horn, stat!

"Chinaman?" Dylan should've been sensitive enough to say "Oriental," er, "Sino-American," er, "Asian-American from China?"

Hot dogs with chili? How come Dylan didn't consider what happens to dogs before they're cooked, placed in buns and covered with chili? (Paging PETA ...)

A high school teacher had to do plumbing on the side?! The National Education Association was right ... America's teachers have always been but one step away from the poor house.

Mary Beth said...

So funny! And so evasive! And Joltin' Django is right on with his "how un-pc" comment.