Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Depressed people are in good company

The holiday season is notorious for causing problems for people who suffer from depression. Why? There are lots of reasons, but that is not the main point of this posting. If you suffer from this illness an important fact that might help you is that many historic and public figures also suffer/suffered from this.

Here's a brief list of just a few (this information is taken from the February 26 issue of Newsweek magazine):

Abraham Lincoln: U.S. president. Lincoln suffered bouts of serious depression from childhood through the years of his presidency.

Buzz Aldrin: Astronaut. He was unprepared for the celebrity that followed his famed moonwalk. He became despondent and turned to alcohol. Treatment helped him recover.

Dick Cavett: Talk show host. Cavett's affable persona bellied an inner despair that had plagued him off and on since college. Anti-depressants allowed him to recuperate.

Terry Bradshaw: NFL Hall of Famer and TV commentator. Professional help enabled the four-time Super Bowl winner to rebound after he became severely depressed when his third marriage ended.

Mike Wallace: Former 60 Minutes host. With antidepressants, Wallace overcame the major depression that resulted from a $120 million libel suit filed against CBS because of one of his reports.

William Styron: Writer. Styron described his descent into near-suicidal depression and alcoholism as well as his hard-fought recovery in his book Darkness Visible.

Drew Carey: Comedian, game show host. Before Carey made his name as a comic he weathered recurrent spells of debilitating depression and twice attempted to kill himself.

Thomas Eagleton: Vice presidential candidate. In 1972, he withdrew as George McGovern's running mate after it came to light that he had a history of depression and had received shock therapy.

So, you are not in this alone. Enjoy the holiday.

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Joltin' Django said...

Drew Carey seems like the last person on earth who'd suffer from depression. And I would've never, ever guessed that he'd attempted suicide. Just goes to show you that people of all stripes can suffer from depression, which's still an unappreciated/misunderstood malady in 2007 America, indeed.