Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fifteen percent have been dumped by text message or e-mail?

The Reuters news agency recently reported on a poll dedicated to how lovers break up with each other.

According to the story, 15 percent of those in the survey stated that they had been dumped by either text message or e-mail.

Despite my advancing years, I have tried to remain a romantic and an idealist when it comes to relationships, but this survey tells me that there are a lot of really spineless people out there.

If you are going to break up with somebody, just say it directly to them. Of course, it is difficult to do, but think about how devastating it must be to check your most recent text message and see "U R dumped."

Some of you out there need to grow a backbone. And learn the Golden Rule.


Joltin' Django said...

To borrow a line from Elaine Benes, anyone who dumps someone/gets dumped by text message is probably more than a few tweaks away from a healthy relationship.

Speaking of text messages, my father is one of the most electronically-challenged persons in Middle Tennessee. He broke down in September or October and got his very first cell phone. Last month, he got a text message from a number he didn't recognize, but he went ahead and opened it - with assistance from someone who works with him. When the bill recently came, the text message he'd received was on there for 25 bucks. You gots to be careful 'bout them text messages. If'n I don't recognize the sender of a text message, I deletes 'em, post haste.

Chris said...

I agree, beware of text message spam. They will take a bite.