Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to the big time Mr. Huckabee

When the calendar turns to 2008 in a few days, the race to elect our next president will intensify.

On Jan. 3, Iowa will hold its caucuses, and the candidates who do well there will pick up substantial momentum as they head into primaries in the coming weeks.

There will be little margin for error because this is the most front loaded primary season there has ever been. For example, more than 20 states will hold their primaries on Feb. 5 (including Tennessee).

To this point, the most interesting aspect of the race has been watching the rising and falling of candidates in the polls.

There is way too much emphasis put on polls during an election season, especially the general national polls that the mainstream media report the most. National polls really don't mean much because we don't elect a president (or a nominee for the two major parties) through a general national vote.

To use polls more effectively, it is important to look at the race on a state by state basis.

In reviewing the polls in Iowa in the last several weeks, the most interesting story has been the emergence of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as a major player.

For months, he languished in the single digits of most polls as he methodically got his face in front of the voters in that state. That has changed in the last several weeks as he has surged toward the top of most polls taken there.

When this happened, everything changed for his campaign. More money flowed in, the major television networks became more interested in putting him on their shows, and voters began listening a little more closely to what he had to say.

However, there was one specific moment when it became apparent that Huckabee had truly arrived as a candidate with a chance to win. This occurred when all the other Republican candidates took aim at him and began to criticize him.

After all, candidates don't typically start ripping someone until they view him as a threat. Until a few weeks ago, Republicans treated Huckabee as nothing more than a pesky fly that needed to be swatted away every now and then.

Now, folks are coming after him with a big can of Raid.

For example, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attacked his record on taxes while he was Arkansas governor and implied that he was soft on crime and immigration.

Independent groups attacked him before Christmas for a television commercial he made that invoked the birth of Christ.

I guess this is an example of how politics is different than most other aspects of life.

In most areas of life, the stature of a person is often confirmed by how good his reputation is and the good comments people make about him.

However, in a political campaign, we can measure how popular a candidate is by all the negative things that are said about him. For Huckabee, he was just another likeable guy until he got popular then the big guns got unloaded on him.

For a long time, I didn't understand why presidential candidates put themselves through the meat grinder of negativity that they have to go through to win that office. It seemed like too big a sacrifice to me.

Finally, it dawned on me that all this negativity was a stamp of approval that a candidate had arrived as a genuine political force. After all, the measure of a candidate can many times be made by understanding who his critics are and how they criticize him.

As for Huckabee, please don't misinterpret this posting as an endorsement of him in any way. I don't publicly support candidates anymore. I don't put signs in my yard telling my neighbors who to vote for. I don't contribute money to campaigns. I only advocate that people study the candidates so they can make an informed vote.

It's just that watching the rise of Huckabee recently has been fascinating. In most campaigns, an unknown comes from out of the pack to create drama for a little while.

Will Huckabee be able to sustain his momentum? We'll find out starting Jan. 3.


RMS941 said...

You are so right about the time.
My Thoughts on Choosing a President

Freedom, in the political sense, means exemption from the arbitrary exercise of authority in the performance of a specific action and the condition of being free of restraints.

You are born free, unless, and until, you choose not to be free by voluntarily accepting such restraints or by allowing such restraints to be imposed upon you.

Whether you actually choose to accept the restraints, choose not to oppose such restraints, or choose to believe such restraints are not optional, you have given up your natural born freedom and consented to be bound by the rule of the government; i.e. bondage to a master; i.e. a slave. If you did not consent, you would be free (dead or alive)

The origin of rights.

Duties which are owed exclusively to God cannot be enforced, regulated or impeded by civil government. Such duties are rights with respect to men. That is, what a person owes solely to God, he has the right to prevent others from impairing.

True rights are those which are given to men by God. These rights are inalienable because no man has the authority to deny or take away what God has given.

The meaning of "inalienable": A grant of authority from God to man.

Inalienable rights were granted at the initial creation (part of the law of nature).

"Inalienable" means incapable of transfer.

What God gives to man cannot be negated, superseded or undone by man. (One man cannot deprive another of his rights.)
Parents cannot deprive posterity of their rights.
Inalienable rights create non-delegable duties.

As For Me

In life, I have chosen not to be a common man. It is my GOD given right to be uncommon if I can, and I work at it. In this country I seek opportunity – not security. I do not wish to nor will I be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the Government in any form look after me.

I want the opportunity to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build on those dreams, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges that life brings to the guaranteed existence of government programs; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of a so called utopia set up by Government programs.

I will not trade my freedom for beneficence, or my dignity for a government handout. I will never cower before any master nor will I bend to any threat. It is my heritage as an American to stand erect, proud of who I am as an American and to be unafraid; to think and act for myself, to enjoy the benefit of my creations and to worship my GOD.

I will educate my children as I deem proper and fit and not the state. To face the world boldly and to say with confidence I am an American and have done this.

Part 2 Next Post

RMS941 said...

Now more than ever the time has come to evaluate the Republican Candidates for President.

As time passes, we are learning more about the top-tier candidates for the Republican nomination. We are learning where they stand on the issues that face this nation. I’m learning some candidates hold positions on issues that cause me concern and I wonder, do you feel the same?

As a Reagan Republican, I’m looking for someone who is a true conservative, a straight talker, and someone who understands the dangers America faces. I’m looking for someone who has shown he can win over Independents, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. I’m looking for someone that adheres to the Reagan philosophy on all issues.

Now, more than ever, in this day and time, we the people are responsible for the character of our Government. If that Government body is ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, which it is, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If our Government is intelligent, brave, and moral, it is because the people demand high standards of our representatives in the national legislature. So, I ask you, what is it that you demand?

I have spent many hours reading all of the position papers on the issues that face this nation, voting recorders and speeches given by the Republican candidates to compare what they have said and by applying these tools: The US Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, the Declaration of Independence the Federalist Papers and the15 points listed above on this page as a bench mark to find the best and the true conservative as to what I believe to be true.

From within the current candidates vying for the GOP nomination, I have found a candidate that holds these high standards and I would like to suggest you take a look at Congressman Duncan Hunter for President. I’m not a high-powered campaign operative; I’m just a regular guy with 3 children who’s a Reagan conservative. Let me share some of the reasons with you that I have chosen to support Duncan Hunter for President.

Today, it seems some have forgotten our beginnings. Instead of Americans with a shared vision, we have become a nation divided. We have become a nation of individuals and groups, each with a special interest vision, often without thought for what is best for the nation. We are, however, a nation that at one time had an immutable vision for all.

Duncan Hunter is a man that has a vision for the nation, a vision that includes all men and it’s the same vision that our Founding Fathers held for this nation.

Duncan Hunter supports:

Duncan Hunter believes that God has endowed men with certain inalienable rights as set forth in the in the Declaration of Independence and that no legislature and no majority, however great, may morally limit or destroy these; that the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty, and property and anything more than this is usurpation and oppression.

1) Securing our Borders – Duncan Hunter wrote the bill to build a border fence across the southern border. He built the fence in San Diego. Duncan Hunter supports our border patrol agents and is a strong advocate for the release of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean.

2) Our Military and their Mission – a decorated Vietnam Army Ranger with 26 years on the Armed Services Committee. Duncan Hunter has the experience to lead America in a time of war.

3) Fair Trade Policies – Duncan Hunter Insists trading partners such as China stop cheating on trade agreements. Duncan Hunter will protect American jobs. This is not protectionism, but fair and equitable trade.

4) The Sanctity of Life – Duncan Hunter has earned a 100% rating from the National Right to Life, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, and the Family Research Council.

5) The 2nd Amendment – Duncan Hunter earned an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and an A from Gun Owners of America.

These are the Conservative Values of the Republican Party. Let's face it, the Republican nominee is going to get support from many quarters because of whom the Democrats are going to nominate. They just don't share the values of mainstream America. Why not nominate a candidate who supports conservative values. History shows when we nominate Presidential candidates with strong conservative credentials, we win elections.

When we don't, we lose. Incidentally, Duncan Hunter first won his seat in a heavily Democrat District against a sitting Congressman, so he has proven that he can win as a conservative.

I believe that the 2008 election will be a referendum all right, not so much on the War in Iraq or other issues, but on whether the future of this country lives in freedom or some forum of socialism.

So, I say to you, as a Reagan Republican, I will vote for Duncan Hunter and work to put him in the White House 2008. Please take time to give Duncan Hunter another look, as I did. There is much work to be done. Time is short. Let’s begin - in earnest - and may God Bless our efforts.

PS: I invite you to join the Duncan Hunter team for America at and help put him in the White House in 2008. I ask you to donate all you can for America and Freedom, donate to the candidacy of Duncan Hunter


Russell M. Scott

RMS941 said...


As a Reagan conservative for constitutional government:

(1) I believe that no people can maintain freedom unless their political institutions are founded upon faith in God and belief in the existence of moral law
(2) I believe that God has endowed men with certain unalienable rights as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and that no legislature and no majority, however great, may morally limit or destroy these; that the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty, and property and anything more than this is usurpation and oppression.

(3) I believe that the Constitution of the United States was prepared and adopted by men acting under inspiration from Almighty God; that it is a solemn compact between the peoples of the States of this nation which all officers of government are under duty to obey; that the eternal moral laws expressed therein must be adhered to or individual liberty will perish.

(4) I believe it a violation of the Constitution for government to deprive the individual of either life, liberty, or property except for these purposes:
(a) Punish crime and provide for the administration of justice;
(b) Protect the right and control of private property;
(c) Wage defensive war and provide for the nation’s defense;
(d) Compel each one who enjoys the protection of government to bear his fair share of the burden of performing the above functions.

(5) I hold that the Constitution denies government the power to take from the individual either his life, liberty, or property except in accordance with moral law; that the same moral law which governs the actions of men when acting alone is also applicable when they act in concert with others; that no citizen or group of citizens has any right to direct their agent, the government to perform any act which would be evil or offensive to the conscience if that citizen were performing the act himself outside the framework of government.

(6) I am hereby resolved that under no circumstances shall the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights be infringed. In particular I am opposed to any attempt on the part of the Federal Government to deny the people their right to bear arms, to worship and pray when and where they choose, or to own and control private property.

(7) I consider ourselves at war with international Communism which is committed to the destruction of our government, our right of property, and our freedom; that it is treason as defined by the Constitution to give aid and comfort to this implacable enemy.

(8) I am unalterable opposed to Socialism, either in whole or in part, and regard it as an unconstitutional usurpation of power and a denial of the right of private property for government to own or operate the means of producing and distributing goods and services in competition with private enterprise, or to regiment owners in the legitimate use of private property.

(9) I maintain that every person who enjoys the protection of his life, liberty, and property should bear his fair share of the cost of government in providing that protection; that the elementary principles of justice set forth in the Constitution demand that all taxes imposed be uniform and that each person’s property or income be taxed at the same rate.

(10) I believe in honest money, the gold and silver coinage of the Constitution, and a circulation medium convertible into such money without loss. I regard it as a flagrant violation of the explicit provisions of the Constitution for the Federal Government to make it a criminal offense to use gold or silver coin as legal tender or to use irredeemable paper money.

(11) I believe that each State is sovereign in performing those functions reserved to it by the Constitution and it is destructive of our federal system and the right of self-government guaranteed under the Constitution for the Federal Government to regulate or control the States in performing their functions or to engage in performing such functions itself.

(12) I consider it a violation of the Constitution for the Federal Government to levy taxes for the support of state or local government; that no State or local government can accept funds from the Federal and remain independent in performing its functions, nor can the citizens exercise their rights of self-government under such conditions.

(13) I deem it a violation of the right of private property guaranteed under the Constitution for the Federal Government to forcibly deprive the citizens of this nation of their property through taxation or otherwise, and make a gift thereof to foreign governments or their citizens.
(14) I believe that no treaty or agreement with other countries should deprive our citizens of rights guaranteed them by the Constitution.

(15) I consider it a direct violation of the obligation imposed upon it by the Constitution for the Federal Government to dismantle or weaken our military establishment below that point required for the protection of the States against invasion, or to surrender or commit our men, arms, or money to the control of foreign ore world organizations of governments.

These things I believe to be the proper role of government.

Joltin' Django said...

It's stunts like this that lead me to believe that Huck ain't the stand-up guy he wants folks to think he is:

"Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee insisted he wasn't trying to pull a fast one when he played a negative TV commercial for the media even as he promised not to air it for voters."