Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The coolest football helmets of all time?

I was surfing on the Internet when I came across this story that listed the coolest professional football helmets in history. To read the story, click here.

A few thoughts:

I have always preferred the old school Buffalo Bills helmet (#11 on the list). I think it is one of the most underrated helmets in history. The old helmet has a much cleaner look while their current helmet logo looks like a stain on a carpet.

The writer also deserves kudos for including the San Diego Chargers helmet worn from 1961-73. I thought it should have been ranked higher than #9 on the list. In fact, the Chargers entire uniform from that era is first rate.

It is difficult to argue with his inclusion of some of the classics (Colts, Packers, Steelers, etc.). Some helmets just withstand the test of time.

Also, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet from 1976-96 was a nice touch. Very underrated.


John Paulk said...

I believe the Rams, back when they were in Cleveland, had one of the first helmets with a design on it at all, the trademark rams horn they continue to use to this day. Or maybe they adopted it when they moved to L.A., I'm not sure.

Chris said...

I believe you're right; the Rams were the first team to consistently have a logo on their helmet. It remains one of the best helmet designs to this day.

Joltin' Django said...

In 2000 or 2001, I bought an "NFL '97" computer game, made by Accolade, on clearance at Media Play for $3. I've gotten my three bucks out of it over the years, and then some.

I love playing my Accolade NFL game 'cause I can a choose teams from bygone eras to play teams up 'til, well, 1997. The graphics during game-play are pretty lackluster ... "Madden" it ain't. However, classic representations of classic football helmets are featured when I'm choosing the team with which I'm going to play.

All that said, I like the Bills' and the Chargers' old-school helmets, too. I also like the classic Cincinnati helmets with block-letter "Bengals" on the side. And I really wish the Atlanta Falcons were still wearing red helmets (with gray facemasks, of course). Those were so blue-collar and old-school and cool. I curse the day Jerry Glanville did his "Man in Black" thing when he was coaching down there.

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