Monday, September 8, 2008

Good movie: 'A River Runs Through It'

I know A River Runs Through It was made back in the early 90s, but I only got around to seeing it recently. I thought it was top notch. As is my policy, I don't review films (click here if you want to read one), but I thought it was a good character study of two brothers (played by Craig Sheffer and Brad Pitt) coming of age and going down different paths. Director Robert Redford did an excellent job of weaving the beautiful natural scenery into the presentation of the story line.

Take time to see it.


Joltin' Django said...

I saw that movie in MTSU's theatre a year or two after it came out. I only remember two things about it: One, Tom Skeritt played a minister; two, the young lady with whom I watched it said that it was based on a short story.

Mister Jimmy said...

This is one of my favorite movies. The story centers around two brothers but the idea is much deeper and is encapsulated in the last segment of the movie and the narrator's monologue at the end, e.g., the father/minister played by Skeritt, in a sermon says, " . . . either we don't know which part of ourselves to give or . . . the part we have to give is not wanted. So it is those we live with and should know who elude us, but we can still love them; we can love completely without complete understanding." I'm emailing you an mp3 of the last 7 or so minutes of the audio-track, it includes the monologue, which is taken word-for-word from the end of the novella by Norman Maclean.

Chris said...

Thanks, Mr. Jimmy.