Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Volunteers must hope Vanderbilt has let down after clinching bowl berth

The college football universe has truly been turned upside down: Vanderbilt is going to a bowl and Tennessee is not. But seriously, the Commodores must be congratulated on a good season. Quarterback Chris Nickson played well in leading Vandy to a win against Kentucky last week to clinch bowl eligibility.

Imagine the relief for Vanderbilt supporters. Though it has been well publicized that they haven't been to a bowl since 1982, they haven't actually won a bowl since 1955. They beat Auburn (who they also beat this year) in the Gator Bowl that year.

While many have speculated that they will go to the Music City Bowl, I don't see that happening. The whole point of a bowl is to attract tourists to a city, and that wouldn't happen if Vandy were invited. Therefore, look for the Commodores to go to the Liberty or Independence Bowl.

As for Tennessee, they have had a couple of weeks to ponder the firing/letting go of Phillip Fulmer, and their terrible loss to Wyoming. I'm tempted to say things couldn't get worse for the Vols, but after everything I've seen this year, I'm not so sure.

Quarterback Jonathan Crompton will get the start. Hopefully, red shirt freshman B.J. Coleman will also see some action at quarterback, and the Commodores will have an emotional let down after such a big win last week. Vandy, however, is the better team.

The pick: Vanderbilt 14 Tennessee 13

Other SEC picks: Florida over Citadel, LSU over Mississippi, Arkansas over Mississippi State

Last week: 5-1 (.833), Overall: 64-20 (.762)


fred pancoast said...

You're right. Vanderbilt is the better team. It's been a wonderful year for the team. Beating UT would be a great way to cap the season.

Chris said...

Tenn 20 Vandy 10. It's just nice to win. The quarterback play was still bad, but the defense was smothering and we actually ran the ball pretty well.

Joltin' Django said...

"Tenn 20 Vandy 10."

Vandy plays like a top-tier SEC team one week, and the next week they play like ... well, like Vandy.

If Vandy ends up going to the Music City Bowl, I'll be there. Mainly 'cause if past is prologue, I'll be an old man the next time I have a chance to see Vanderbilt play in a bowl game!